Preparing For Your Hip Replacement Procedure

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Unfortunately, damage and injuries to your hip joints can be severe enough to have a major impact on your quality of life, and this may lead to a need to undergo an anterior hip replacement procedure. This is a major surgical procedure, but it can reduce the pain that a person experiences while also improving their mobility.

Hip Replacement Procedures May Be Required Due To Arthritis Damage

In addition to the damage to the hip that occurs as a result of an accident, injury or other sudden trauma, it is also possible for arthritis to gradually cause extensive damage to a person's hips. This occurs as arthritis will cause a decrease in the padding between the bones in the joint, Eventually, this wear can cause structural damage to the joints that may require a replacement hip procedure to be administered. While it may be possible to slow the damage that arthritis is causing to your joints, it may not be possible to completely stop it. As a result, there is a high chance that arthritis patients may eventually need this procedure to maintain their mobility.

Hip Replacement Surgery Can Involve A Somewhat Involved Recovery

After undergoing a hip replacement procedure, individuals will need to be prepared for a somewhat lengthy recovery period. During the initial stages of recovery, a person will need to drastically limit their movement until the surgery site has healed. When sleeping, these patients may also need to keep a special pillow between their legs to keep the replacement joint aligned. As the patient heals, they will eventually be directed to start physical therapy to help strengthen the surgery site and to improve their flexibility. While this process can take many weeks to complete, it can provide individuals with substantial relief from their hip damage or injury, and this will make this a worthwhile procedure for a person to endure.

Replacement Hips Are Extremely Durable

Due to the disruption and lengthy recovery that can be involved with a hip replacement, individuals may be worried that they will need to undergo this procedure again in the near future. While this is an understandable concern, individuals should avoid assuming that they will need to undergo another hip replacement procedure in the near future. The replacement hips that are used during this procedure will be extremely durable, and they can last for decades before they start to suffer wear. This can allow many patients to enjoy the rest of their lives without needing to worry about undergoing this procedure again.